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How we refurbish Dysons

A refurbished Dyson is a great way to get a powerful vacuum at a low cost with warranty. It is also good for the environment. We have a range of refurbished Dyson vacuums available, from Upright, Cylinders and Cordless. All refurbished vacuums are refurbished by us in our purpose built workshop. We do not out source the refurbishment process.

The Process

When we get a batch of “raw” Dysons in, we start by grading them into ones that can be refurbished and ones that need stripping for parts. We then strip all the machines, while inspecting the parts as we go. Large parts like the cyclones, foot plates, duct assys are placed in a large container of cleaning solution to soak for a while. Small parts like clips and seals are placed on a hot wash with cleaning detergent.

Main hoses are first dry cleaned, before being placed in a cleaning solution to soak, they are then pressure washed, before going onto a hot wash cycle to kill any odours that may remain.

Once the large parts have soaked long enough they are hand scrubbed before being jet washed. All parts are left to dry in our drying room. Brushes are stripped and the bearings cleaned and lubricated, if bearings are to worn we replace these with new. Bristles of the brush are checked for length and any damage that may affect performance. All electrics, including switches are full checked for safety.

Main motors are fully stripped and cleaned, we rework the commutator, if the brushes are to short or crumbly we replace these with new and bed them in. Refurbished motors are then rebuilt and placed in our testing machine where they are stress tested for at least 30 minutes constant use.

The vacuum is then rebuilt, using new parts where needed (we try to keep this to a minimum, after all it is better for the environment, plus why replace for new if a used part will do the same job?. While being built each part is again inspected for damage/faults or defects.

Once built the machine is given a full test and a final overall clean. A PAT test is carried out, with sticker applied and details logged. The machine is then fitted with tools and placed for sale.

Our process is may be long but it is thorough, it is so we can ensure you the vacuum we sell will work as good as new.


All refurbished Dysons sold on our website and in our showroom come complete with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty. Consumables like belts and filters are not covered, however we try to accommodate where possible. We do not cover misuse of the machines.

There is someone on Facebook doing it cheaper, will you price match?

This is a question we get asked a few times in todays social media world. The simple answer is ‘No’. We price our products on the time taken to get them to the high standard we set ourselves, which is normally about 3 hours per machine. We put a 12 month warranty on the vacuum, while most put a 30 day warranty. We have full insurances. We do try to keep our prices fair, a powerful Dyson at £99 with a 12 month warranty is a fair price for such a powerful machine. We are family run business, that offers great customer service, that provide free vacuum advice.