Our Till Rolls Have Gone Greener

Our booking in machine, card machine and cash register all use till rolls. With our sales and the amount of repairs we process it is fair to say we get through a fair amount of rolls. However we started using rolls to reduce the amount of A4 sheets of paper we was using. We can now get about 5 of our repair tickets to 1 of our old A4 sheets. For us though it was not enough.

We have therefore sourced a new supplier for our rolls. What makes these greener?

The old rolls each had a plastic core which was not recyclable, our new rolls however use a cardboard core that can be recycled.

Every time we order rolls a portion of the sales is donated to the charity ‘Trees For Life’. You can read more about the charity by clicking the image below.

It is only a small step, but it is another step in the right direction.